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Sports Mask for sports



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Sports Mask for sports
in three different colors: black, red, blue
Protect your face, neck and ears from winds and frost
Stay warm and dry during sports
Made of high quality neoprene material

Sports winter sports mask is a mask that keeps the face, ears and neck warm in the cold and wind. Foot-and-nose ventilation thanks to the mask is easy to breathe. One-way air flow opening keeps the mask dry. The mask fits well inside for example to a ski helmet and glasses. The mask is made ​​of high quality neoprene and is water-resistant. High-quality material ensures that the mask will last a long time even in heavy use. Sports Mask is a soft, comfortable and light to wear and excellent for skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, horseback riding, snowmobiling, hiking and hunting. Ski Mask is ideal for men and women and is available in red, blue and black.
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