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Silicone pet hair glove



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The shedding hair sticks to the glove making it easy to peel off and throw away after grooming your dog or cat. These pet grooming gloves are perfect for all hand sizes and breed.

Product Description
Regular grooming is essential to keep your pet healthy. This deshedding glove removes loose fur from your pet with ease. Made with over 175 soft silicone bristles, this glove effectively collects shedding fur and provides a new relaxing massage experience for your pet. The slit by the bottom of the thump allows the glove to be used by people of all hand sizes. 

The Pet Hair Glove provides maximum comfort and control ensuring that no part of your pet's fur is missed. Simply peel loose fur off the glove and throw it away. 

- Removes excess fur
- Reduces tangles 
- Keeps shedding under control
- Promotes healthy coat
-Colors: blue,green,red,pink

1 x new right-hand glove in in plastic wrapper 

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