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    Prolash+ Serum II for °yevipper 6,5ml



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    Prolash+II is specifically formulated to promote the growth of your eyelashes. Using Prolash twice a day can bring results within as little as 21 days! - Increases Eyelash Length & Density - Strengthens Muscles To Prevent Eyelash Loss - Safe To Use With No Known Side Effects. Nothing is sexier than gorgeous dramatic eyes. With Prolash+II you will have long luscious lashes, no more false eyelashes. Whilst using Prolash+ you can even continue using extensions, safe in the knowledge that underneath your eyelashes are thickening and growing like never before. Once they are at a level you are pleased with, you are likely to give us extensions forever. Prolash+II works. Whilst increasing the length, darkness and thickness of the eyelashes, it strengthens the epidermal junction (where the lash grows out of the eyelid). This way as the eyelashes increase in density the junction is able to hold them without them falling out. Independent studies have shown a 100% success rate, with the average growth of the eyelashes being 50%.
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