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Pet set of harness and car safety belt



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Pet harness and safety belt set
Pets like dogs and cats are better connect to the PET CAR SEAT BELT during the transport. The belt attached to a pet protecs people and four-legged friends in the car. Harness on your pet is much more pleasant than the collar around the neck. Harnesses do not discipline a pet and cause pain or stress your pet. 
Available colours of harnesses: red, lime green, blue, black, sizes: S,M,L, XL 
Measurements of harness:  
S neck 23-26cm Chest 30-33 
M neck 33-36 cm Chest 36-38
L neck 38-41 cm Chest 41-44
XL neck 43-48cm Chest 46-51 
Car safety belt BLACK ,one size fits all.
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