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Moose CARVE socks



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World famous MOOSE CARVE  socks

This skiing, downhill skiing and snowboard knee high sock combines fully anatomical design with highly functional materials, such as the SilverWool material and ClimaWell.

This sock is for the sports people who wants professional support, protection and experience of the sports they love. CARVE socks have several special pads for the many different areas of the foot and leg to protect and cover from rubbing and pain.  CARVE socks can be used hundreds of times of use. The flat toe seams means your toes will be especially protected from the preassure and rubbing. Your toes are safe!

HI-FLEX CUFF - Highly flexible cuff
CALF&SHIN DEFENSOR - Reinforced calf & shin padding
ACHILLES&ANKLE DEFENSOR - Reinforced Achilles & ankle padding
Y HEEL PADDING - Reinforced Y type heel
BODYFLEX BAND - Elastic foot band
ANATOMICAL TERRY FOOTBED - Shaped padded foot area
L/R TOE SHIELDING - Reinforced L/R toe
HIDSEAM TECHNOLOGY - Flat toe seam imitation


Sizes: XS to XXL

XS = 36-37

S = 38-39

M = 40-41

L = 42-43

XL = 44-45

XXL = 46-47

Color = Black

50% SilverWool
30% ClimaWell
10% Polypropylene
5% Polyamide
5% Elastic

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