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Ladybug key chain alarm with siren voice of 130 Decibels



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Ladybug personal alarm keychain with 130dB siren voice for self-defence

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This personal alarm safety guard for attackers is widely used for little kids, young lady, elder people, disabled, night workers, bar and disco visitors for night times. Once they meet emergency, just pull the pin out, it will alarm loudly to alert with 130 decibel siren voice.


It is small and portable, able to put on handbags, backbags, wallet, cell phones, suitcases and it looks smart and fashionable toy.  


Just pull the key chain from its socket to trigger the siren. The alarm can keep alarming for more than 1 hour.



Product Features:

1. Small size and light-weight, only 42grams. 

2.Metal pull pin to  take off in emergency case
3.Used safety spotlight in dark area. 
4.Built-in 130dB high output alarm. 
5.When you need help, you can pull out the metal pull pin. It emit an alarm sound  instantaneously. Ideal for protecting joggers, bar visitors, elder, disabled, night shift workers or people who live alone. It is top protection against robbers and rapers.

6. Portable to take along 

7. Unnoticeable for self-defence 


1.Operated by battery LR44 x 4 ( 20mA,12v )

2.Product size: 69*42*23 mm

3. Comes with blister card

4. EU certification: CE & RoHS 

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