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HOLD & GO smart phone & TABLET PC/iPad car holder

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Buy Now Hold and Go SMART PHOHE and iPad / Tablet PC holder HOLDS UPTO 9kgs
Hold and Go holder can be attached to a car dashboard or windshield. Light HoldGo-holder is suitable for mobile phones, GPS navigation devices, tablet computers, and all weighing less than 9 kg of equipment. The device remains in the holder securely, and it does not fall out of the sharp bend. In this way, the driver can secure a trip deeds and even talk through the speaker while driving.

The phone can be attached to the substrate vertically or horizontally. Holder will not sticky device. Hold and Go-you can rack rotated 360 degrees, which makes you follow for example navigator/GPS system. Always remember that your car has a valuable cargo aboard, YOU, and perhaps even other people! Hold and Go makes trips safer ride for those in addition to the driver and other road users. Holder can be mounted on the dashboard or hand support so that sitting in the back seat can watch movies from the tablet or other software. 
HOLD and GO holder is compatible with all mobile and smart phones and all devices under 9kgs. The surface of the holder can be washed with the cool water and it's like new again. If you think it's holding your device TOO well, press it against to your hand a few times to get a bit 'dirty', so then it's not holding the item as strong.
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