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    Bottomless Bake Worm



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     Bottomless Bake Worm


    Bakers all over the world love to bake with Bake Worm!

    With Bake Worm, you can easily create cookies and cakes in all different shapes - letters, numbers and shapes. It's just the imagination that sets limits! Unique silicone shapes attached to each other make it easy for you to bend to the desired shape. Place the baking mold on a plate, pour the batter and into the kid - easier it can not be! Of temperature resistant silicone. Buy multiple sets to be able to bake more and bigger shapes.

    - Save space!
    - Easy to clean!
    - Oven-proof!
    - Clean in the dishwasher!
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    Suomi English Deutsch svenska Norja Espanja Ranska Hollanti
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